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2019 October 19th - Jiri.

Hi There.

Even though I was unable to attend this months GTG, I'm still going to bore you with some words.

If your lucky these words might even have some relevance to Jiri's GTG :)

From what I see it looked like great weather for the day.

By all reports Jiri and his Mrs really out did themselves with abundance of yummies.

Mention was made of four roasts, buckets of kfc, and all sorts of other goodies both solid and fluid ;)

I can't really say much more because as I may have mentioned, I wasn't there.

Many thanks to Mr Jiri and Mrs Jiri for opening their home to us audio tragics.

Now for some pics as snapped by our illustrious Overlord,

The one, The only, The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla,  Mr Aaaaaaaaaa :)



Note that original design was WMTMW but it has been change to WMTW

Speaker drivers:

Volt studio bass 10" (2psc perside)

(90Hz - 250Hz 24db slopes Linkwitz Riley)

SB Acoustic satori midrange 6.5"

(250Hz - 2000Hz 54db slopes lineral phase)

Bliesma B34T Tweeter

(2000Hz - 20000Hz 76db slopes lineral phase+low pass filter 19500Hz 18db slopes Butterworth)

Volt Studio 4564 18" (1psc perside)

(10Hz - 90Hz 24db slopes Linkwitz Riley)


AMPS: (active)

Nuforce R9 mono 190W & 8Ohms Tweeters

Wyred 4 Sound M500 mono 250W & 8Ohms Midrange

Wyred 4 Sound M1000 mono 650W & 8Ohms Bass (10")

SAE TX2400 (bridge) 2500W & 8Ohms Bass (18")

PREAMPS: (active)

DEQX HDP4 (master) & DEQX HDP3 (slave)


Asus mini (Jriver)

Mutec 3+USB

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