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About Us.


Queensland Audio Club is a non-profit social organization for people who have a passion for Hi-Fi equipment and enjoy listening to music.
QAC has no formal structure, and many friendships are made through the common interest of audio and music.

Varied interests among members are electronics, acoustics, CD and vinyl collections, valves and vintage equipment, DIY speakers and assorted DIY projects.
Quite a few members are musicians, work in the music and Hi-Fi industry or manufacture their own audio products.

You don’t have to be “in the know” about audio to join the club.
Our members represent a wide variety of professions and we encourage you to be part of an exciting team of enthusiasts.
We welcome inter-state friends from other clubs too.

Audio gatherings are normally held once a month.
Any member can host an evening or weekend audio meet, all you need is to Email us and we will arrange it.

Location can vary from Northern N.S.W to North Qld.
It is quite nice now and then to take a leisurely drive to an audio meet that is located outside of the Brisbane suburbia.
Car pools can be arranged if transport is a problem for these longer trips.

Most people bring their favorite piece of music and munchies.
At the end of the day you will find you've had a great social time.
Heard new music, met new acquaintances, and can’t wait for the next QAC meet.

We do ask for a $30 yearly Membership fee that keeps us going and to keep you up to date on the latest Club events.
See the Join Us page for more information.

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