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2019 June 15th - Terry & Gloria O.

You know, I really think I could get used to being chauffeured around.

Such a civilised way of arriving at ones destination. Yes.

Thank you Peter :)


Once again the time has come for me to sit down and try to cobble together some meaningful words.

I think I will go a slightly different way this time.

No real reason for this.

I guess I'm just in a sort of Zen mood where I'm talkative and all self aware and happy to contemplate my belly button.

So if your not keen on the inner ramblings of a mad man being shown outwardly, feel free to scroll down to the pics :D

Where do I start ?

Running around snapping photos while trying not to upset or interfere with the hosts or club members is just the start of these pages.

Later when I have the chance I try to select pics that I think will give a reasonable representation of what the day held.

Then comes editing the pics by, rotating, cropping, adjusting light values, resizing.

All before uploading them and putting them in the best possible order.

Out of the 54 pics I took at this meet, I ended up with the 30 you see below.

No I'm not a photographer by any stretch of the imagination.

Having a camera doesn't make me a Ken Duncan or Justine Khamara or Bill Henson or Pat Brassington.

Some of my pics are just too terrible for anyone to have a clue what it's a pic off :)

Then we get to this part. The wall of text.

Something to try and compliment the pics, yet also give you, the reader, a little better idea of what happened.

So here I am, Sunday arvo, trying to compose my thoughts into some sort of coherent page.

I start typing something, but it just doesn't sound how I want.

I type it in different ways multiple times. Sometimes I get something usable, sometimes it all gets deleted.

It honestly takes me hours to realise a page I'm happy to present to the world.

I do come away from these GTG's with my own thoughts and opinions.

Just like I imagine we all do.

BUT, Is it my place to voice these thoughts ?

No, No I don't believe it is.

I honestly believe what I type here has to be as non-objective as possible.

With that out of my finger tips, Lets get on with my thoughts of the day :)

I'm not sure why but this turned out to be a super relaxed GTG. More so than normal.

Was it because I didn't have to drive, the cloudy yet temperate day, the small gathering, the fabulous hosts, the wallabies casually grazing and hopping past the back fence, the wine ???

Hey I didn't have to drive so I indeed enjoyed a red. Or two :)

Whatever the reason Everyone appeared to have a fantastic day.

Slowly we drifted in as traffic allowed to be greeted by this months hosts Terry and Gloria.

Terry showing us their various bits of audio gear, While Gloria made sure we were fed and watered.

As always, some wondered around sampling one of the two audio systems, while others sat outside munching nibbles and catching up with old friends.

First course was nibbles of cheese, garlic and cheese bread, crackers and dips, even some yummy carrots and celery.

We all circled around and had a listen to the systems.

Including an amp swap in the main system from the normal valve amp to a Crown of some description.

Sorry I didn't pay attention to model numbers but there was some mention of 300w/channel.

Lunch was a mix of roast chooks, bread rolls and turkish bread, little rolled up servings of meat and salad.

Later after Gloria served us tea and coffee she managed to find some time to sit, relax, and join in the chat sessions we were having while watching the mini skippies. :)

I don't think there's really much more I can add, so with one final comment I shall leave you to enjoy the pics.

Gloria and Terry, We all owe you a Massive Thank You for your Hospitality and generously allowing us into your home.




Main System:

Oracle Delphi Mk IV TT, SME V arm, Kiseki Blue Cart, RCM Sensor Prelude phono stage,

PrimaLuna Prologue Classic CD player,

PrimaLuna Dialogue Premium HP Integrated, KT150's, Jupiter Copper Foil Cap upgrade,

Music Fidelity 550k Superchargers,

Sansui Alpha 907 Limited,

Cullen Interconnects,

Lenehan Foilflex speaker cables,

Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grand SE speakers,

PS Audio Perfectwave P10 Power Plant,

Les Davis 3D (2).


TV Room System:

Denon DP-60L TT, Hana SH cart, Tron SEVEN phono stage,

Consonance Droplet 5.0 CD Player,

Oppo 205,

Mystere CA21 Pre-amp & PA21 Power amp,

Atlas interconnects,

Aurealis AQG2 speaker cables,

Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Baby Grand SE speakers.

Les Davis 3D (2).


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