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2019 Feb 16th Midday - Howard P.


Hi everybody, It's Doctor Nigel  - Simpsons reference for those that care ;)

Oh and if you really care, I'm not a doctor :D

Well this is getting monotonous.

With the working week being filled with hot yucky days,

Somehow today cooled off and was almost perfect for getting out and about.

On that note, I must say a BIG thank you to all those that RSVP'd and respected today's hosts limited numbers.

With a modest amount of space, it made for an awesome, relaxed and fun day out that everyone enjoyed.

As we slowly rolled in we gathered in the outdoor area to gas bag as we munched on sausage rolls.

Everyone seemed very relaxed and in no hurry, so we just chilled out for an hour or so while having some lunch.

The photos do not lie.

Toasted bread rolls, rissoles, veggie snags, sautéed mushrooms, some salads, lettuce, beetroot, various condiments.

Even a delicious bottle of white was offered to appease those so inclined ( I was one so inclined ).

With happy tummies we adjourned to Howard's room of tunes.

The pictures tell the story of a clean, simple, neat, yet effective system and layout.

After a while some wandered off to indulge in the desert tray while others tried their favourite tracks.

The deserts. Mmmmmmm.

Tea, coffee, cheese platter, some new salted pop corn that was oh so yummmmy, apple tea cake, lemon tart.

Oh I almost did Not forget.

Everyone's most favourite of all.

Cheese cake ! :D

With the sad absence of our resident cheese cake connoisseur,

I just had to have a piece for him as well as mine :D

I'm glad I did as it was absolutely scrumptious.

Side note.

I'm sorta glad we only have these meetings one day a month.

It gives me the rest of the month to try and work off what I eat on these days :D :D

Thank you to the chef and all those that attended.

And last but not least,

None of this could have been possible without the generosity of Mr and Mrs P, who allowed us into their home today.

Thank You :)



100% analogue!!


Turntable: Origin Live Aurora with Benz Glider cartridge 

CD player ( if necessary): Stello CDA500

Pre amp: Sanders Magtech

Power amp: Stello Ai500 

Speakers: Magnepan 3.1 with bass panels 

Cables: Various Nordost Leif

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