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2024 - February - Kevin & Karen K.

Once again I was busy with other things, So there wont be much yapping from me this time round.

Just to say thank you to my friends that supplied the piccies.

And a Big thank you to Kevin and Karen for hosting an awesome GTG.

Kevin’s Main Audio/AV equipment List:


Speakers:  JBL K2 S9500 from 1990. 3 way active with

Amplification:  Accuphase, belcanto, Hypex controlled by deqx.

Digital Source:  Antipodes DX server.

Turntable:  Alphason sonata T/T  Zeta arm with Ortofon black.

CD/Blu-ray:  Oppo 203 DVD 

Projector:  Benq x12000h 4k projector.

Screen:  110 inch motorized screen. 


Kevin’s No. 2 Audio Vintage Equipment List:

JBL Olympus SR8. and Paragon 

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