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2024 - April - Peter and Tracey.

Well well well, what do we have here then, Looks like three holes in the ground.

OK you can groan now :p


Yes No I wasn't there, I 'twas busy, and it paid off as I got a huge amount of backlog done, yay me.

Since I wasn't there, I can't say much, so I'll let the picies do the thousand word thing.


Many thanks to Peter and Tracey for putting on some (what I assume) scrummy Mexican foods.

Oh yeah, and letting you guys hear their HiFi system :D

Equipment list;

40 Watt Single Ended Power Monoblock Amplifiers:

Mullard ECC40 input Tube to GEC TT21 (KT88 with a Top Cap) interstage transformer to an STC 4212E (WE 212E equivalent) five 5R4WGT rectifier tubes.

Pre-Amp:  Primaluna EVO 400 with front end E80CC tubes

Belt Drive CD Transport: CEC TL51X.

DAC:  Doge 7 Tube Dac with six Amperex Holland E180CC tubes.

Phono Pre-amp:  Phonodude MM Phonostage with Genalex ECC83 and WE420A Tubes.

Turntable: Aura Turntable with Hadcock GH 242 Arm and Music Maker 3 MM Cartridge.

Streamer: WIIM Pro Plus.

Speakers: Image Revelation Speakers with Iso-Acoustics GAIA 2 Isolation Feet.

Interconnects:  Mad Scientist Audio Flexible Carbon/Graphene PLUS Digital Interconnects

Interconnects: eBird Analog RCA Cable Solid PSS Pure Silver Interconnects with Noise-Dissipation System.

Interconnects: Phono Pre-amp Interconnect Cable is Duelund Coherent Audio DCA20GA with Cardas Connectors.

Speaker Cable: HI-End WEL Signature Speaker Bi-wire cables with 72V Carbon DBS.

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