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2023 - September - Hugh and Elise.

Oh what an awesome day for an outing.
Even better when you have a chauffeur :D

The others on the road were all behaving.

Mind you we did see quite a few Insta pic devices and Wee Waa's running around.

Several new members came along. Hi Ladies and Gents.

I think they had a good time. Well they must have as they said they'd come along again.

Thanks to Clint the Treasurer for manning the BBQ.

Yummy snags and rissoles. With rolls sauces and spud salad.

We had an absolute plethora of yummies to follow too.

Ohhh the cheese cakes (plural guys) were devine.

To be honest, what I had was yummy, and what I didn't eat also looked super yummy.

I didn't have to drive so may have imbibed of a red or two :)

Shhhh even the well behaved woofies managed to earn a snag or two ;)

A huge thank you to Hugh and Elise for allowing us in to their home and hosting this months meeting.

Without further prattling on from me........

Equipment List -

Vinyl only 3 way system

Hugh’s self-made turntable
Graham phantom arm
Some Japanese cartridge
Viva fono stage (yes that’s how it’s spelt).
Secret gain stage
2 off air tight atm 1’s for mid and treble.
Magnus audio MA 300 for bass.
Apogee speakers by Graz.
Cable’s by stealth audio and home-made.
Lots of valve’s most new old stock all matched.
And the all important dedicated cottage listening room.

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