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2023 - May - Floyd

Insert words here.

Yes well once again (or is that still) I was sadly busy with life and other small mammals.

So I will have to defer straight to pictures.

I mean it was a lovely day to be crawling under other peoples cars.

Right up until I popped a rib. At least I'm pretty sure it is. I love getting old. NOT.

But that's a story for your grand kids.

As we say in the intro scroll;   Food - Drink - Friends - Music.

Many thanks to this months host Floyd for allowing us to share their personal utopia.

Speakers-Apogee Duetta Signatures, with renovations by Graz
Amplifiers-McCormack M750 mono blocs
Preamp-Eximus DP1
Turntable-Oracle Delphi Mk1 with modified plinth
SME lll arm with Nagaoka m500 mm cartridge
McCormack phono preamp
CD player-A9ll
IMac for streaming roon/qobuz
Granny flat system:
Apogee Centaur hybrids
NAD amp
Sony blu-ray player

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