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2023 - March - Cam and David.

Sorry, finally, work and all that :)

The day was good, as it always is.

Sorta overcast, not too hot, slight breeze.

Despite being a sunday about 15 people showed up. Yay us :)

We started with party pies, snag rolls, steamed dimsims, moving onto beef and chicken dishes, couscous, salad, various bread rolls.

Deserts were various cakes (including the cheese type) and chips etc etc.

And red wine, glug glug :D

After a lot of gum flapping and feasting, we all went in to sample the main system.

We previewed a few minutes of a movie to test out the atmos system.

Ziiiiiii  -  went the bullets  -  iiiinggggggg.

Then came the more usual sitting and listening.

Over time we evaporated back outside to chin wag some more.

Overall, a rather pleasant day.

These meetings cannot happen without the help and support of our members.

Support your club, host a meeting :D

So we all owe Cam and David a huge thank you for allowing us into their home, cooking and serving food, allowing us to experience the systems they get to enjoy every day.

Cam, David, Thank You :)


Room 1 - Theatre Surround or Stereo:

Speakers: Main - Wilson Benesch Curves -  2.5 way, carbon fibre and aluminium body. (Separate Townsend ribbon Supertweeters)
Centre - Wilson Benesch Square
Rear surrounds - Dynaudio Contour SR
In ceiling Atmos - Monitor Audio C380
Subwoofer - B&W DB1D sealed dual 12 in  (separate theatre and stereo inputs. Controlled by App)
Power amps:

Hegel H20 Power amp - 200wpc for Wilson Benesch - switchable input between Marantz theatre Preamp/Processor for surround and Mytek Manhattan DAC for stereo.
Parasound Halo A31 - 3 channel driving centre and rear surrounds
Parasound Halo A23  (Atmos ceiling speakers )
Surround Preamp/4k Processor: 
Marantz AV8805 13.2 channel
UHD Bluray/ CD/SACD/ 4k file player: 
Oppo BDP 205
Speaker Cables:

EGM Audio to Wilson Benesch Curves and Centre
Analysis Plus Oval 12  to rear surround.
Atlas Hyper 2 to Atmos
Robertson Audio Cables - Diamond Pure Silver Reference - on Hegel

Theatre display

Sony XW5000ES projector - laser, native 4k on 150 inch Grandview motorised screen
LG 77in OLED Panel

Power: Thor PS10 Smart Power Station into an Eichmann Express Power AC Enhancing Cable and Isotek Power cables and board.


For stereo only:

Preamp/DAC: Mytek Manhattan ii with Kimber USB
Streamer for Tidal: 
Auralic Aries with SBooster external Power supply
Linn LP12 with Audio Technica AT33EV

ROOM 2 - Analog and CD

Speakers: Dynaudio Contour 1.4 - 2 way standmount
B&W PV1 d Subwoofer
Turntable/ Phono:

Musichall mmf 9.1 with Audio Technica AT ART 9 moving coil on Project 9in carbon fibre arm going to Dynavector P75 Mk3 phono stage
ATC SIA2 150 (Class A/B 150 watt/ ch
Lavry DA10 or Mytek Brooklyn
CD Player: 
Marantz CD 6000 OSE Limited Edition
Digital source streaming Tidal

Aries Mini to Lavry
EGM Audio flat copper
Thor PS10 Smart Power Station into Eichmann Express Power AC Enhancing Cable

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