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2023 - June SGTG - Nigel.


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me........

HA, fooled you, No it wasn't, Besides, I don't believe in that nonsense anyway.

So the weather was pretty decent.

Clear skies, super mild breeze, and acceptable temps.

Sadly two members couldn't attend due to not feeling well.

This is what life is now about.

If you don't feel well, please stay home, and I am so pleased that this is what people are doing.

So I wish to publicly acknowledge and thank the members that are thinking of, and putting,

the needs of the many before the needs of the few.

Lets see who understands that reference :D

We still had 10 members attend.

One was new to our group - Yay - Hi there, I hope you had a great time and hope we see you again :)

As we arrived we munched on Party pies, sausage rolls, pasties, cheese and crackers.

Some super yummy red was shared around. Thank you :)

We retired inside to sample the array of speakers that grew overnight.

Then we stopped for a lunch of subway wraps and rolls followed by cakes, chips, biscuits, home made fudge, tea, coffee.

Shock horror, There was NO cheese cake. Hmmm maybe that's the real reason someone didn't join us :D

Back inside for more listening and playing.

The music pc was (still) having minor hiccups, occasionally dropping audio for a fraction of a second.

(Yeah yeah, I'll fix it one day :p )

We tried some DSD files.

All in all we had a great day.

Many thanks to today's host.

Oh wait, that was Meeeeeeeeeeee :D


AMD Media PC. Win7 with SSD's feeding out via optical.


Marantz SA-11S1 SACD.

Pass Labs X1 Pre.

Pass Labs X150.5 Amp.

Home made cables;

Interconnects - Canare L-4E6S with Neutrik xlr connectors.

Power cables - Belden 19364 with Furutech plugs and sockets.

Speaker cables - Jantzen 8awg copper foil in nylon braid with WBT banana plugs.

Most seemed curious about all the speakers, so here's a list.

A super cute little JBL 4312 Mk2.

Home built Troels Curv16.

Home built JBL 4333a. 16ohm version of the L300. Fitted with Nelson Pass crossovers.

Home built Troels Jenzen D Mk2. 

Pretty sure that's all.

So I'll most likely see you all at the next GTG - Xmas in July at Tracey and Peters.

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