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2023 - February - Clint and Lynette.

Welcome to the new year.

Why is it called a new year ? It's all just irrelevant numbers.

Feels just like the previous months which feel like the previous years.

Lets face it,

The Romans screwed the entire calendar system when they decided they wanted months named after them.

I could go further but that would be seen as heresy by some, so here I will stop....

So, today we visited a new member and host.

Clint and Lynette.

We also had another new member. Hi guys *waves* :D

The day was warm and clear.

A small gtg that ended up with 11 persons all up.

We spent some time chatting and poking about the system (as we do) while our overlord Andrew spent time installing and setting up a cartridge in Clints brand new (zero hours) record player.

The last step involved was subjecting us to the same track several times while final tuning of the vinyl system was completed.

0.01gram tracking weight was all it took to make it sing.

Once that was done we had yummy subway for lunch.

Lunch chomped it was time to go inside and examine the hi-fi and have a listen.

Few hours later, some deserts with the obligatory pavlova and cheese cake.

The master of record players was happy with that :)

Back to the listening as the day wound down and we slowly headed of to our various weekend tasks.

I know we all had an awesome time and Thank Clint and Lynette for allowing us in to sample their mewsic system.

Some of us got to meet their chooks. Mmmmmmm meals on legs :D

System info.

Technics 1200gr. (Borrowed Benz micro ace s mc cartridge till his Ortofon bronze mm arrives)

Thorns TD 280 II + AT95 mm cartridge.

Mofi Studio phono stage.

Shanling cdt80. (Swapped for an oppo 105 for the gtg due to minor mechanical issue that was fixed the next day)

Parasound Zdac.

Parasound p3 pre.

Home made balanced interconnects. (Canare star quad + Neutric connectors)

Parasound A21 amp.

Home made foil speaker cables. (12g copper foil + silver plated copper in teflon pig tails)

Home made Seas 8" Exotic two ways.

Home made 15" 3 way open baffles with propriety drivers.

Home made hifi cabinet.

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