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2023 - August - David A.

Sorry but I have no story time for you today.
Unless you want to hear about me digging holes, pulling out defunct cables, replacing broken conduit, pulling in new cable,
fixing a computer, power washing a timber deck, doing dishes, etc etc.
No I didn't think so.
Obviously then all I can say is the weather outside was really good for me.
Ok a bit windy saturday morning, but otherwise very nice.

The pics of the pizza look yummy.
I'm sure there were more than a few tasty after morsels to be consumed :)

Without further ado.
Thanks to Andrew for the pics.
And Thank you to today's host David.

Source: Roon Nucleus+ server (the only source). Music can be streamed from Qobuz as well as from my own library.
Amplifier: Devialet Expert 140 Pro.
Speakers: Focal Sopra 2.
Cables: Shunyata power, Ethernet, and speaker cables, Shunyata cable risers.
Fibre Optic data link: ADOT ethernet to fibre converter powered by Plixir linear Power supply.
Power Sources, Keces P8 linear power supply supplying the Roon Nucleus+ and Uptone Audio EtherREGEN Ethernet switch, PS Audio P12 Power Plant supplying the Keces and the Devialet.
Rack: Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular for server and amp.
Grand Prix Audio Monaco amp stand for the PS Audio P12.
Quadraspire amp stands for the Keces power supply and EtherREGEN, and for the ADOT ethernet to fibre optic converter and Plixir power supply

Acoustic Treatments: REAL Traps Mondo traps and Minitrap.
Changes since my last meeting in April 2021:
I’ve tweaked the system by adding the ethernet to fibre optic link to the network connection and making some changes to the layout of the acoustic panels. 

Ya know, Part of being in a club is about sharing.
It's easy enough to go to someone else's house, eat their food, drink their liquids, sit in their chairs, then leave.
But have YOU contributed to the club by hosting a meeting ?
If not, Why not ?
​Give it a try, you might just find you like it :)
Contact Our club Secretary today to help out.


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