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2023 - April - Al & Marge - SGTG

I wasn't there.

It wasn't me.

I have an alibi.

Wait, what are we talking about again ?

Oh right.

Yeah no I had (have) so much other stuff to do I was unable to attend Al n Marges gtg today.

From what I gather, the weather was perfect.

The party pies, meaty nibbles, cheeses, olives, cheesy breads, subway, cakes and wine were fine.

With no more delay, as I have no more to say, all I can do, is give, Many thanks, to Al n Marge, for hosting today.

Equipment list;

cambridge cxc series 2 cd transport

denafrips ares ii r2r ladder dac

pass labs xp10 class a pre amplifier

pass labs xa25 class a power amplifier

realistic lab 395 direct drive  turntable ( 1983 ) (not connected )

audio technica at-oc9/iii moving coil cartridge ( not connected )

pro-ject tube box ds hybrid linestage ( not connected )

bowers & wilkins cm10 speakers ( floorstanders )


diy power & speaker cables

analysis plus black digital coax

xlo signature 3 xlr interconnect

xlo signature 3 rca interconnect

dh labs silver sonic usb interconnect ( when using laptop )

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