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2022 - April - David F.

Laa Laa Laaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Here we are again.

Where I have a captive audience to read my mad raving about some sort of drivel that no one finds at all interesting.

Or do they ? :D


I was so glad I had a Chauffeur today.

The traffic was, abysmal. No, it was beyond abysmal.

Doing 10klm/h in a 110klm/h zone is just no fun at all.

Thankfully the weather was overcast so that helped keep temps down.

It was a cosy little gathering of 9 I think.

Made it easier for people to chat and listen without tripping over each other.

With so many still concerned about virii and other nasties, I think this will be the way forward for these gtg's.

Now I have to warn you, the snags and rissoles look burnt by Satan himself, But, they honestly tasted fantastic.

If you don't believe me, I think everyone came back for seconds as is evidence of what was left on the serving plate.

The chef risked life and hair to cook those meat offerings.

Oils and fats had dripped into the bbq burner creating one heck of a bon fire....

There was also a super yummy spud salad, greek salad (I think thats what it's called), biscuits, chips, dips, savoury nuts, And of course the obligatorily cheese cake :)

And whine, lots n lots of whine. Yumm.

Personal thanks to the Host David for letting us in and being a vundabar host, the chef, and the grog suppliers :D

OK. I'll shush now and let you drool over the piccies :)

David has recently had an Ortofon MM mono cartridge installed on the 2nd (Clearaudio) tonearm on his Clearaudio turntable.

Dave C. will be bringing a Beatles mono re-release box set of albums.

I will be bringing original mono 60s Beatles albums and 7inch 45 single mono pressings so we can do a comparison between the old and the new versions.

Equipment list;


Main System


Amplifier Krell FPB600c fully Class A 600 watts all the way 😬

Preamplifier Audio Research Ref 5 SE

Room correction/ dac/digital preamplifier Legacy Audio Wavelet

CD player Oppo 105D utilising Wavelet DAC

DIGITAL tidal and Qobuz through Mac Air by Audioquest Cinamon USB interconnect

Turntable Clearaudio Maximum Solution with Kuzma 4 Point tonearm with Clearaudio Da Vinci V2 cartridge (stereo)

Using Whest Audio MC Ref 5 mk. 4 mono block phono stages


Clearaudio Unify tonearm with Ortofon 2M mono cartridge

Using Schitt Audio Mani phono stage with external power supply

Speaker cables MIT Shotgun MA

Speakers Legacy Aeris

Interconnects Kimber KSA 1136 select 

ART Interconnect


Secondary system


Turntable Technics SL1200GR with Denon 103D MC cartridge newly renovated with new cantilever and diamond styli

Phono stage Clearaudio Basic Plus w separate power supply

Amplifier Sonic Frontier SFS-40 valve amplifier

Preamplifier Nuforce HAP100

Speakers Quad 23L Classic

Super tweeters Enigmacoustics Supranino

Interconnect Chord silver

Speaker cable MIT Shotgun MA biwire

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