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2022 - October - Steven K.
A perfect day for an outing.
Especially when you have a chauffeur driven limo to go to and come home from a wonderful event :D

There's not really much I can say about today's event.
The weather and temperature was awesome.
About 20 of us gathered and admired Steven's wonderful new abode.
We nibbled bikkies etc and drank wine while others put pigs and cows on the griddle.
When the meat was done, we all sat around eating yummy burgers and snags with spud salad and coleslaw.

Then we adjourned inside to sample his Hi Fi.
Honestly its so simple in its complexity, That there's stupidly little to see or photograph.
After a while we had deserts, before slowly wondering off back to our homes.
Honestly, it was such a simple day that I can't even make up any small talk to make this page look any longer than it really is.
Honestly, I just can't.

Or can I :p

At any rate.
A massive Thank You to Steven for allowing us into his new home to sample his Hi Fi.
I hope you settle in and find your home as amazing as I'm sure we all did. :)

The system:-
In the Dedicated theatre room…

6.8m x 4.8m x 2.7m.
Fully lined with 12mm ply. Minimal acoustic treatment…no bass treatment needed.
Speakers…My own DIY “Blue Moons” 5 way active.
Sub Bass. Exodus Audio Shiva-X2
Bass. SB Acoustics SB23NACS45-8
Low Mid SB Acoustics SB15NAC30-8

Hi Mid SB Acoustics SB12CACS25-8
Tweeter Scan Speak Illuminator D3004/6620-00
In the garage..
Cabinet Modified Server case.
Dacs and Active Speaker Crossover/Timing/Eq

DEQX HDP 5.0 for top 3 drivers [Music input via the Local Network]
DEQX HDP 4.0 for bottom 2 drivers [Linked to and controlled by the HDP 5.0]

DEQX units with Hypex modules inside.
10 channels in total for 10 speaker drivers

My own Moonlight Audio, Power, XLR and Speaker cables
Music control

Modified Intel NUC running Windows 10 and ROON
Music storage

Networked on the Office PC and streamed from Tidal.

Please forgive me for the last panoramic picture.
Its a super rushed composite stitch together of three images to make one.
My editing skills are lacking these days.

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