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2022 - November - Wayne C.

This was a SGTG - (Small Get Together).

But still an enjoyable one.
For the first time in a long time yours truly did the chauffeuring.

Yes we all survived unscathed despite one 'individual' in front of us stopping dead for no apparent reason.

The day wanted to be on the warm side, but thankfully Wayne's place gets an awesome breeze through it.

Mr and Mrs C made us both a scrumptious chicken and a beef curry.

We all went in for seconds and thirds.

Followed by the usual bickies, nibbles, drinks.

Yes, and the inevitable cheese cake :)

Not much more I can say sorry.

So let me give thanks to Mr & Mrs C ( Heyyyy  -  Who gets that reference ?  )

for letting us partake of their home, food, and system.

I didn't think to take many pics. Me fail hard :)

System info;
Asset server with Chromecast Audio as transport.
ME preamp.

Yamaha M50 Power amp.
Simon’s weekender speaker build - (Zeuss Audio)
Stones Sound Studio subwoofer.

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