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2021 - October - Rhett.


Many thanks to this months host :)


Source:  Aurender X100L streamer with Tidal.
               Pure Audio Lotus 5 dac/pre :DSD & MQA compatible

Amplifier: Carver Crimson 275 KT120 tube amp- Herbies Tube Treatments

Speakers: SEAS Millenium Thor Loudspeakers with upgraded crossovers by Ljubic Audio.


Speaker Cables: Robertson Audio- Brisbane
Power cables: Anticables  Type 3

Interconnects: Anticables Type 7.1 (Custom)

USB Dejitter: USBe Perfect

USB Lead: Core Power Technologies Diamond

Power: Holton DC blocker / line conditioner.

Room Treatments: Extreme Clutter

Rhett has Qobuz on the Streamer plus some hi-res files such as DSD, 192, 96. of the usual suspects.

Rhett believes he can upload files on the Aurender from a USB thumb drive at the back of the unit- although he has never tried it.

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