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2021 - November - David F.

Nigel was invited to a party,

where he ate some really good food,

drank some nice wine,

and met some really interesting people.

*I apologise to HHGTTG fans :D*


Yes, I am back baby :p

Firstly, I would like to thank our host David for allowing us into his yummy home to sample his systems.

I would also like to thank my chauffeur for an enjoyable trip to and from todays GTG.

So many radar traps and others on the road. Super grateful I wasn't driving.

And not forgetting those that cooked, served and cleaned.

It was amazing to be on the receiving end of service and not being the one doing the running around after someone for a change.

The day was, warm, you know I don't like warm, summer can just go away.

Yes yes I know its not even summer yet. Or is it ? I really have no idea.

Thankfully it was somewhat overcast and a beautiful breeze was helping me stay (relatively) sane :D

Ah so many familiar faces, I missed you all. Even if I was happy to just sit and do sfa.

I'm still adjusting to this new stage of my life, so please excuse my personal ramblings.

The food, oh how I have missed the food.

Super yummy rissoles and snags on a roll with onion, tomato and pineapple.

Then a side of an amazing spud salad.

Apparently the greek salad was to die for as well.

I didn't bother to look at the afterwards treats of cakes and nibbles, I was stuffed after my burger and salad.

There was a really good turn out.

I know some don't like the idea of getting stabbed, I readily admit I'm not a fan, but even this old donkey can see we will all just have to get used to this new 'normal' if we want to go back to anything like what we had.

We all just have to think of the various things we used to suffer and die from not so many years ago.

Rubella, measles, chicken pox, mumps, diptheria, tetanus, influenza, whooping cough, etc etc etc.

The inconvenience of a sore arm for a few days is nothing compared to the freedoms we are starting to regain.

The knowledge we are less likely to pass on or suffer the full effects of this virus to each other really helps us to relax and enjoy.

And from what I saw, we all really did relax and enjoy the day.

Friends being able to mix and mingle without a care.

The few snippets of conversation I heard were only about who had bought new 'toys' or discussing other such things.

I guess I should put the keyboard away and show some pics.

Sorry there not the best pics, but there better than nothing, just :D


EDIT; Added three far better pics submitted by another member, Thank You Mr H.

Equipment list;


System 1

Amplifier Krell FPB 600c Class A

Preamplifier Audio Research Reference 5 SE

Room correction processor/dac/preamplifier Legacy Audio Wavelet 

Speakers Legacy Audio Aeris 

Turntable Clearaudio Maximum Solution 

Tonearm Kuzma 4 Point

Cartridge Clearaudio Da Vinci V2

Speaker cable MIT Shotgun MA

Interconnect Kimber Series KS1130 

Phono stage Whest Audio MC Ref 5 mk4 dual mono blocks

System 2

Pioneer PL61 turntable with Shure V15 mm cartridge 

Schitt Mani phono with separate power supply 

Sonic Frontiers SFS-40 amplifier (upgraded by Falls Audio)

Preamp NuForce HAP-100

Speakers Quad SL23 

Super tweeter Enigmacoustics Sopranino 

Speaker cable MIT SHOTGUN MA biwire 

Also Oppo 103D player utilising dac from Legacy Audio Wavelet 

And Tidal from Mac air USB to Wavelet dac


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