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2021 - June - Frank A.

Equipment list;


System 1

Aurender N100H – server
Darkside of the moon USB cord
Uptone Audio Regen powered by a Keces Power Supply
McIntosh D1100 Digital Pre-amp
Darkside Balanced Interconnect (Pre to Amp)
McIntosh MC302 Power Amp
Spectral – MH-770 Speaker Cables
Martin Logan Prodigy Speakers
Jas Audio Power Cords
Quadraspire Racks
Various Room treatments
Various Nordost Power Treatments:
QRT QX4 Power Conditioner
QRT Qbase Power Distributor
QRT QCore - Earth



System 2

PC – Running Audirvana

Conrad Johnson HD3 DAC with Teddy Pardo USB Power Supply

QUAD 9AS – Active Speakers


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