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2021 - Saturday 18 December - Chris P.


A partially overcast day that still managed to be warmer than I'd like.

Never mind. The cheese cake more than compensated for that :)

A truly small gtg this month with only 5 attending.

Which worked out perfectly.

We sat, we listened, we nibbled, we drank, we chatted.

Rather a civilised way to spend a few hours.

Not a lot of pics today. Honestly didn't need to take many.

An unobtrusive system that belies it's technical points.

A heart felt thanks to Mr n Mrs P for allowing us into their home.

Without further ado, have some pics :)




Pioneer PL 1000 turntable.

Yaquin tube amplifiers.

Onkyo CD player.

Self-designed speakers.

Nigel's personal note.

The system is a three way active.

The speakers, cabinet and diffuses are hand made by Chris.

He has also modified the preamp to include the three way active crossover internally.

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