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2020 October - Matthew G.

Due to the easing of the governments restrictions regarding the covid pandemic,

We are once again able to hold Get Together's. Yay !

The following write up and pics were very kindly supplied by Simon.

Thanks Simon :)

It was with great anticipation that there was again a great meeting for all to enjoy at Matthews place today.

After a bit of a meh year I was looking forward to a bit of company from my fellow audiomanic community members and by the amount of people who turned up it looks like others had the same idea as well.

Matthew always puts on a good day for fellow club members with the usual culprits of great food combined with great music and company.

What more could you want..

As per usual there was some form of system change with the most obvious being the new Mark Audio (Interim) speakers. They looked to be of a gold aluminium cone design with 2 small 3" wideband drivers and 3x 6" woofers for bass duty.

Of course I was happy to hear Matthew was already getting into the DIY spirit and tweaking the speakers with different terminals and internal wiring.

In between our conversations, eating and music listening the heavens decided to open up a few times and bless the yard with a bit of ice as well.

Oh yes the poodle found a few suckers (me included) to give it some treats as well.

Thanks for a great time Matthew.






Techdas Airforce 2

Thales Statement with Lyra Etna

Thales Simplicity with My Sonic Labs Ultra Eminent Be

Both arms are mounted on custom Titanium arm boards


Reel to Reel

Ampex ATR102

Bottlehead Tube Repro playback



Intel Nuc/Euphony/Roon

Uptone Audio JS-2 Linear Power Supply

Chord Blu II

Chord Dave



Doshi V3.0 Phono

Doshi V3.0 Line stage

Doshi Stereo Poweramp



Markaudio Sota Viotti Tower



Argento Flow interconnects and speaker cable

KLEI Qflow 3


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