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2020 November - Floyd W.


The following write up and Pics are by our Grand PoohBah, Andrew.

Thanks Andrew :)

It was a very hot and muggy day.
Fortunately there was a nice breeze blowing across the front of Floyd's house and it was air-conditioned inside.
It was a small get together with 12 in attendance.
We had cold meats and salads as it was too hot to even contemplate doing a BBQ.
Whilst Simon has previously highlighted my fondness for cheesecake at Wayne's meeting, that didn't stop him tucking into the pavlova I brought along to Floyd's place.


Floyd had just enough seating to accommodate all.

Floyd mainly played classical music at his meeting, with a smattering of Blues thrown in for good measure.

I found one particular operatic track painful to listen to for my ears!

I couldn't wait for the fat lady to stop singing!

Since Floyd was using Tidal / Roon as his source, I requested that to play Led Zeppelin.

My request was politely declined!

David A reminded me of when I "polluted" his system by playing Led Zeppelin 3 through them at a previous meeting.

Matthew G added that he thought that Led Zeppelin tracks were poorly recorded.

Floyd's Apogee Duetta speakers have been fitted with Graz ribbons and substantial new stands, new supports for the bass panel, braces from top to bottom and new copper speaker terminals.

They had a surprising amount of bottom end performance for planar speakers.

Several members commented that they found these small get together meetings more enjoyable as they were more intimate.



Eximus DP1 dac/preamp

McCormack DNA2 power amp

McCormack Micro Drive phono preamp

Apogee Duetta Signature speakers with Graz ribbons and recent enhancements including substantial new stands, new support for bass panel and braces from top to bottom, new copper terminals

Ward copper speaker and interconnect cables

Oracle mk1 turntable with SME III arm and Nagaoka mp500 cartridge

Original A9 II CD player

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