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2018 September 22th - Christian T.

Another cracker of a day.

Not too hot, Not too cold, No rain, No clouds, Slight breeze.

Between our gracious hosts and the attendees we munched on salad, bikkies and cheese, pasties, sandwiches, chips, dips, cakes, wines, tea, coffee.

Thank you to Mr and Mrs T for a wonderful Saturday arvo :)


- Music server Raspberry Pi 3 running Volumio Linux and external USB HD 1 Terrabyte

- Asynchronous USB DAC HDA 1 Marantz

- Thorens turntable TD 126 MK III with ELAC D796 dH

- Musical Fidelity A220 Class A amplifier 2x50 watts in class A 8Ohm

- CD Player Marantz CD 17 as transport for the Marantz HDA 1 DAC via COAX

- Headphones Sennheiser HD 650

- Loudspeaker SPHIS LBX 270S

Measured linear frequency response - 4dB/+2dB from 20Hz to 18kHz under living-room conditions, refurbished drivers/crossovers in 2016.

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