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2018 October 20th - Matthew & Oneita G. (I hope I spelt your name right, If not please let me know so I can correct this)


With weeks of rain, sometimes heavy, I was expecting it to rain for Matthews meeting.

Nope. The rain cleared and we had another great day.

Over 30 people turned up including more new members. Awesome.

Personal note, It was fantastic to see several members that hadn't been able to come along for some time.

Hi Guys :D

Matthew and his wife put on an awesome spread.

Various types of snags, Potato bake, Greek and pasta salads, Grapes.

And lets not forget all the goodies that the members brought along.

Cakes, breads, biscuits, cheeses, tea, coffee, wines.

We also had the 'for sale' table which was more of a 'for sale' room.

Items ranged from speakers and raw drivers, cables, amps and preamps, dacs, etc and so on.


With the food, music, for sale items, there really was something for everyone.

I think we can all say a big thank you to Matthew and Oneita, as well as those that helped out and all who attended.





Turntable 1

Nakamichi Dragon CT

Mysonic Lab Ultra Eminent Be cartridge


Turntable 2

Marantz TT1000


Mysonic Lab Ultra Eminent Be cartridge


Phono stage

Diyhifi Supply Cole LCR


Reel to Reel

Ampex ATR-102

Custom Heads and valve output stage.



Mac mini highly modified with Uptone audio external linear power supply. SSD and Roon

Uptone ISO Regen

Chord Dave DAC

Curious Cables


Tentlabs CD player



Intact Audio Elma 47 Position Autoformer with TDK Ko-ON 4R6A switch for individual Positive and earth channel switching, VRH audio wire



MiniDSP 2x4HD


Power amplifiers

4 x Hypex N Core NC400



Open Baffle dipole with the following drivers  per side

4 x Markaudio Alpair 12PW

2 x Markaudio MAOP11

1 x Mundorf AMT25D6.1-R



Hotchpotch of homemade and bought.

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