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2018 November - Simon L. - Zeus Audio - Speaker building introduction.

For today's event I'd like to the thank the inventor of Air Conditioning.

It shaped up to be a warm (too warm for me) day outside.


So we lounged in air conditioned comfort while Simon ran us through some basics of what it takes to design a (Passive) speaker from the ground up.

This is no simple task and requires an understanding of many varied disciplines from electronics, mechanics, computer knowledge, and many many other things.

Simon presented a well thought out day primer that many agreed gave them a insight to this 'Black Art'.

Those that already knew something managed to learn something new, or maybe a different way of getting to the end goal.

Around midday we broke for a feed put on by Simon and Kylin of snags, salads, and various nibbles before finishing of with a short demonstration of some of the software that is available for this endeavour.

Then it was into his media room to hear the fruits of his labour with a pair of stand mount speakers he built for the day.

I overheard several ask where the sub was.

I can promise that all you were hearing was those purple stand mounts.

After this we broke into various groups that circulated between listening, chatting, or enjoying cakes with tea and coffee etc.

For those that weren't able to attend and would like to see what today was about,

Simon is graciously allowing us to host his Power Point Presentation file here.


Right click and save as.

- 12 Meg PPTX File -

Many thanks go to our hosts and all those that attended.

Despite the days getting hotter, it was an awesome and informative day :)



Someone brought a Camembert cheese with chilli flakes in it.

Kylin Really Reeeeally liked this cheese,

So if the person responsible could please get in touch with Simon or Kylin or Myself  (Nigel - WebMistress) ,

and let us know what it was, I'm sure she would be seriously happy :)

Thank you...

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