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2018 November 17th - Steven K.

Here I am once again to guide you through what you missed :)

So grab a beverage and enjoy.

Although a warm day we were able to either hide in the air conditioned comfort of Stevens house or sit outside under a really big fan.

One mad Englishman decided it was a perfect day to sit in the sunshine ;)

I must be getting soft in my old age.....

About 25 of us munched away on snags, rissoles, spicy chicken bits, potato and pasta salads as well as two different green salads.

All went down very nicely with super yummy bread rolls and various fluids such as wine, tea, coffee etc.

After our feed we went inside and sampled Stevens updated main system.

Some then went to have a play with his recently acquired second system (yellow speaker system).

About this time the group did it's normal thing of splitting into roving tribes.

Some listening, others chatting about all manner of topics.

I'm pretty sure there were more deserts than I managed to take pics of so they were obviously well received :)

Puss enjoyed all the attention for sure :)

On a personal note, I would like to say a massive Thank you too Steven for his amazing hospitality.

For those that couldn't make it, here's some information about his systems.

Sadly for those who expect that kind of thing there is no turntable (shock, horror) and also no CD player.

Music on a USB drive can be loaded into the system but Steven imagines he can find almost anything you might want to play, or something similar.




System One.

All Digital, mostly DIY, 5-way system using the Roon software and DEQX Dacs and amplifiers.

Speakers. DIY 5 way. They are called ‘The Darkside’.

Some major changes since you heard this last year.

The system has improved but in Stevens opinion still needs some tweaking.


Roon Server Core [In Server cabinet in garage].

Intel Nuc Server running Roon [Rock] operating system.

Music is stored on HDD in Server Core.

Music is also streamed from the Internet to Roon from Tidal.


Roon Control [In Server cabinet in garage].

Intel Nuc  Running Win 10 and Roon Control.

Display on 75” TV in Listening room. Wireless mouse and keyboard.

NB. Control is also available from any other device connected to the home network.


DAC [In Server cabinet in garage].

Master is a DEQX HDP 5.0. Deals with top 3 drivers and system volume.

Slave is a DEQX HDP 4.0 Core. Deals with bottom two drivers.

These provide 5-way Correction, Equalisation, and Crossover.


Cables. Almost all made by Steven.


System Two.

Speakers are Jiri’s yellow box MTM’s and Audio Elegance 18” woofers.

An old laptop, an old TV, an ALLO Digione ethernet to SPDIF converter, an old DEQX and six Aussie Amps.

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