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2018 May  - Dr Christian H-C.

What a glorious day we had today.

Clear skies, mild temperatures, barely any clouds in sight.

To the best of my counting there was about 25 members in attendance, including a few new faces.

Lashings of tasty food, salads, cakes, cheeses, crackers and several cheese cakes.

I have to say the home made treats and salads went down well indeed.

Wines, tea, coffee.

Enough to keep everyone very happy.

Once everyone was fed and watered we sat down and listened to The Good Doctor ( HA ! See what I did there :p ) describe his systems details before playing some of those old black plastic spinny thingamajigs.

After a few LP's the group broke up into the normal smaller groups where some listened more while others sampled the various cakes and salads while chatting about everything from active crossovers, digital filtering, cables, and everything else possible that could be discussed.

We were even visited briefly by a Queen parrot. ;)  - Gender joke -

Thank you to Peter for tending the BBQ.

And Many thanks to Dr Christian and his family for allowing us into their beautiful home amongst the trees.


First Picture is a 3 shot panorama I've (Badly) thrown together of the spectacular view they have.


Vinyl: Linn Sondek LP12, Rega RB300, JLTi Solid Diamond phono stage, Phil Ward copper ribbon interconnects

Digital: MacBook Pro SSD, Audirvana & Tidal, Chord Hugo DAC , Curious USB

Amp: Prima Luna DiaLogue Pro, KT120 tubes, upgraded by Mike Lenehan (stacked foil coupling capacitors & Jensen electrolytic caps)

Speakers: Martin Logan Ethos, Analysis Plus cables.

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