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2018 June 16th - Cam B.

Hmmm, Lets start with the weather for today's GTG.

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but the weather was superb.

Despite the cooler days now, clear skies with no wind made it a comfortable temperature.

It was good to see 30+ members in attendance including a few new faces as well as some we haven't seen for a while.

Food Glorious food. Oh food! magical food! wonderful food! marvellous food!

(Edited lyrics from the musical 'Oliver !' as written by Lionel Bart)

Yes, Today we were served an absolute feast.

I had a little of everything, and it was good, it was magical, it was marvellous. :)

Even though there was no cheesecake, the other cakes, biscuits, nibbles, wine, tea and coffee more than made up for it.

I don't believe there was much in the line of left overs so I guess others also enjoyed the offerings.

As always the conversations were wide and varied reflecting the diverse knowledge of those assembled.

Cars, cables, architecture, speakers, ham radio, travel, camping.

These were just some of the subjects I heard being discussed.

As always I would like say a massive thank you to our hosts.

These GTG's wouldn't be possible without them and their generosity.

Equipment list;


Stereo system:

Speakers - Wilson Benesch Curves floorstanding 3 ways with Townsend ribbon super-tweeters

Power Amp - Parasound A31, 3 channel class A/B

Preamp/ DAC - either Mytek Brooklyn or

Source - Oppo 205 Universal disc player with Sabre 9038 DAC

Source - Tidal through Auralic Aries

Source - Music Hall Mmf 9.1 turntable with Audio Technica F7 moving coil into Mytek Brooklyn phono stage

Speaker Cables - Audio Magic Sorcerers or EGM Audio flat copper ribbon.

Power - Thor PS10 with Eichmann Express, Isotek and EGM power cables.


4k Theatre system (for high res concert music):

Source - Oppo 205 for 4k discs or 4K Netflix via Apple TV 4k.

Theatre Preamp processor - Yamaha Aventage CX A5000

Centre and surround speakers - Dynaudio Contours (plus Wilson Benesch for left and right)

Power Amps - Parasound A31 and A23

Sub - Definitive Technology Supercube 1

Displays- LG C7 65 inch OLED or Epson EH TW9300W LCD faux k wireless projector


A second room was also available running;

Linn Sondek with an Audio Technica AT33EV Moving coil.

Dynavector P75 Mk3 phono.

ATC SIA2 150 integrated amp.

Dynaudio Contour 1.4s with ribbon Supertweeters.

B&W PV1d sub.

Analysis Plus Oval 9 cables.


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