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2018 January - Kevin K.

Despite being the day before schools re-opening the highway drive to and from Kevins was blissfully uneventful.

The patchy cloud cover helped keep temperatures to the low 30's.

Once again there was a good turnout of about 30 people.

It was good to see more ladies than usual and lots of new faces.

Being a different geographical area may have had something to do with this.

With four music rooms, none ever felt crowded and everyone had a chance to experience different equipment. 

There were a lot of things to see and hear at Kevins.

So please forgive me if I missed things :)

If anyone wishes to correct me or add information, Please feel free to do so by using the Contact us page.

The ladies served up some yummy food from rissoles to rice and stew and curry.

It was nice to be able sit back and relax with a cuppa and chat while watching groups going between the rooms.

A big thank you to Kevin and his family for allowing us to sample the delights of their hill top retreat.


Room 1.

Tannoy (Golds ? ) dual concentric's in beautiful custom made cabinets.

These had external crossovers made by Graz of Apogee Acoustics.

VPI turntable.

Esoteric CD player.

PSA Perfectwave directstream DAC.

Musical Fidelity Nu-vista M3 Integrated amplifier.

Room 2.

Altec Santiago.

Accoustic Arts CD transport.

Wadia DAC.

SKA Amplifier.

Room 3.

FK1 Speakers by Graz.

Sub-woofer in the corner.

Antipodes DX

Accuphase DC-37 DAC.

Accuphase A46 Class A amplifier.

Alphason Sonata Turntable with a Zeta Arm.

Coincident Statement Line stage.

Oppo Blueray.

PSA NuWave Phono converter.

This room also has a projector and screen.

Room 4. Not actually a room but a garage :)

JBL Sovereign S8R (Recently purchased and due to be restored)

He has the Mid horn lenses but they were put aside for the day.

Musical Fidelity A5-5 Integrated amplifier.

Cambridge audio cd player.


MSB power base.


I know I've missed some things, but there's only so much you can take in at Kevins :)

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