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2018 February - Paul and Carol S.

Many thanks go to Paul and Carol for hosting this months GTG.

Despite predictions of rain and the previous weeks high temperatures and horrid humidity the weather had calmed down.

The day was a little warm with mild humidity, but their A/C sorted that out.

On arrival we were made at home with offers of delicious beverages and starter nibbles.

Which we happily consumed while sampling the delights of their Hi-Fi.

The main room has so many things to take in I'm sure I only captured a small part of it.

So much yummy food, in so many varieties.

Much to someone's delight there was Cheese cake.

Better still.

There were TWO Cheese cakes :)




System 1

Speakers: IMF Professional Monitor MK111 Transmission Line Speakers.

Dimensions 107cm H x 43cm x 51cm W Weight 64Kg each (sometimes called small wardrobes).

Frequency range 10HZ to beyond audibility

Amplifier: Marantz PM-15 S2 Limited Edition Reference Series Stereo Integrated.

DAC - Arcam ir DAC

Source 1: CD - Marantz CD17 K1 Signature (used as transport).

Source 2: IPod Classic - WAV files.

Cables (1) Chord Clearway Speaker Cables. (2) RCA Lead Chord C line Aray.


System 2

Speakers: Richter Legend Series V Mentors

Sub: Wharfedale Diamond SW 150

Pre Amp: Passive Pre Amp Sansui SE - 7 (equalizer)

Power Amp: Rotel RB 980 BX

Source 1: Marantz Melody Media CR 610 Network CD Receiver. CD - FM & DAB/DAB+

Internet Radio online Music Services - iPod - iPhone & NAS.

Source 2: Arcam DR Dock for iPod.Cables - (1) Speaker Distinct Brand. (2) RCA Cables - Wireworld Luna 7.


System 3 - Vintage

Speakers: Coral BX - 1401

Amplifier: Marantz Model 1120 (USA) Console Stereo Amp.

Source: Marantz CD 60.

Cables (1) RCA Atlas Element Integra. (2) Speaker Middle Kingdom 12 AWG OFC.


Video System 4

Speakers: Front: L/R Dali 4A’s.

Centre: Electro Voice Topaz.

Rear: 3x Bose 301 Series 11. AV Receiver:

Yamaha RX-V 1900

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