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2018 April 21st - Brian M.


Despite the days gentle rain periods we still had well over 20 members turn up to sample Brians DIY HI FI.

Not to be outdone his Wife put on a superb Indian style feast.

Butter chicken, rice, lamb beriana, salads, and all sorts of yummy goodness.

Of course there were deserts galore with the Cheese cake disappearing promptly.

I apologise for the lack of photos but my mind wasn't focused on the day.


As always, I would like to thank Brian and his Wife for allowing us into their home.





Goldmund Studietto turntable and T5 arm + Ortofon Jubilee cartridge.

Technics ST-9600 tuner.

Windows 10 computer to process flac files.

Ben Duncan minimalist design with external left and right power supply.

Gustard X20U Pro DAC.
Power amp:

Tri-amped system;

Treble – 100W Elliot Sound design - mosfet output.

Mid – 250W Elliot Sound design - mosfet output.

Bass – 300W DC coupled mosfet monoblocks.


Elliot sound electronic 3 way.

Ariel Design;

Mid/Treble separate transmission line enclosure with Vifa 2x P13WH + Scan-speak 2905-9500.

Bass – [pair] 10inch Scan-speak W8565 in ported enclosure.

All electronics home built.

Solid core interconnects.

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