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2017 September - Floyd W.

Equipment List:

Speakers - Apogee Duetta Signatures (Graz ribbons)
Amplifier-McCormack DNA-2 Deluxe
Pre-amp DAC-Eximus DP-1
Turntable-Oracle Delphi mk 1 with a Shure Series III tonearm + Nagaoka MP-50, McCormack phono drive
Original A9 mk II CD player
Roon Advanced Audio Transport + Tidal subscription streaming service
JRiver 21
Dirac Live Room Correction
Fidelizer Pro 7.1
Cables Ward copper speaker and interconnect, USB Curious Cable,
Audioquest Jitterbug
Headphones Audioquest NightHawks
Headphone amp Cayin HA-1A

Well folks. After the moderate winds of last week, Queensland whipped out a glorious day.
Not to hot, not to cold, perfect amount of sunshine.

Todays GTG was hidden away at the end of a fabulous tree lined 100 meter long driveway.

Waiting at the end of the scenic walk were not one, but two superb systems.

Both featuring Apogee ribbon speakers.

The main ones (Apogee Duetta Signatures) had been reworked by Graz of Apogee and seemed to really love what they were being fed.

The smaller ones (Apogee Centaur Minors ? - Please let me know if this is wrong guys) are a 26" dipole ribbon from 800Hz up, with a 6.5" woofer handling bass duties.

I mention this as some were curious.

Fed from an Audiolab 8000 CD player and Redgum Son of a gum integrated amplifier they presented a far bigger sound stage than you would believe from such a modest looking set up.

No, I haven't forgotten to mention the food.

A lovely BBQ of rissoles, snags and onions cooked to perfection by Peter A.

Thumbs up Peter, Awesome job.

They complimented the salads and other yummy nibbles presented for lunch.

Desert was also well looked after with a variety of cakes, chocolates, and the likes.

To wash it all down were some nice bottles of wine, soft drinks and coffee.

Whether people were listening to one of the two systems, sitting outside admiring the location with their deserts, or chatting away, I think we can all agree a great time was had by all.

Massive thanks to Floyd and his Wife to opening their lovely home to us.


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