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2017 October - John and Leslie.

Equipment list:

Turntable; Dynavector DrT XV1s, VPI JMW Memorial 12.7 arm, VPI TNT6.

CD's; Wadia 861, also Classe & Esoteric.

Plinius M14 phono, Plinius M16 pre.

Infinity IRS Betas.

VTL MB450's on mid/high towers, Plinius SA250 MkIV on subwoofer towers.

Kimber KCAG interconnects, Kimber speaker cables.

Isotek power filter.

Today Andrew H, Peter A, Paul S, and myself (Nigel) went to visit a gent that was in need of a little help.

Upon arrival we were served a rather excellent red wine that we enjoyed while chatting and gazing out of the windows behind the audio equipment. (First pic).

As you can see from the rest of the pictures, the room has been undergoing some serious changes (ongoing).

We all pitched in with the various tasks needed to revive this gents system.

This included a painstaking alignment and adjustment of the turntable and tone-arm,

checking connection of the various cables,

positioning of the speakers, adjusting the electronic crossover and the various level controls on the main towers.

Once these were done we sat down to a delicious lunch put on by Leslie. (Thanks Leslie :) )

After lunch we sat down and listened to some LP's and made a few system tweaks.

When we were all happy we decided to try the 'Earth Drum' track on the 'He Xun Tian - Paramita' CD.

Well, this system fills the room with such ease.

I get the feeling it could shake the neighbours house of its stumps.


The bass towers and ribbon panels each present a 4 ohm load.

As such the VTL valve amps deliver somewhere around 250wrms to each mid/high ribbon panel.

While the Plinus amp is rated to deliver 450wrms.

Thats per channel. Into each bass tower that contains four 12" servo feedback subwoofers.

In closing, this is truly one HOT system. Not just in sound, but also in actual heat output from the amplifiers.....


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