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2017 October 14th - David A


Antipodes DS server running Roon with Tidal

Oppo BDP-105



Devialet Expert 130 Pro



Focal Sopra 2



Curious Cables USB, Tellurium Q Ultra Silver coax SPDIF, Kimber Select 1016 analog interconnect,

Kimber Select 3033 speaker cables, Graditech Voima 1 and Nordost Brahma power cables



Grand Prix Audio Monaco Modular


Acoustic treatments:

REALTraps Mondo traps and Minitrap.

Despite the bureaus prediction of a lot of rain, the day turned out overcast and cool with just a slight drizzle.

And despite the club Secretaries emails advising of a 1pm start, someone *cough, me* decided to show up at 12.

I tell ya, ya just can't tell some people can ya :D

Oh well. Means I got to take some pics of David's system before everyone else showed up.

Mmmm his speakers, so smooth, shiny and red.

I believe I heard someone mention that the Devialet amplifier has some trickery in it that 'adapts' to the speakers for improved bass ?

Whatever VooDoo it does, there was more bass than I think most of us were expecting.

In amongst the 30 odd people that attended we had a few new members show up.

Welcome Guys, Hope to see you again :)

There was a plethora of nibbles to nibble. So nibble we did :)

Chips, nuts, grapes, muffins, cookies (BIG cookies).

Lots of cakes, All sorts of cakes.

And yes, yes there was indeed cheese cake.


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