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2017 November 18th - Steven K





Roon Server Core. Intel server board with Xeon processor. SnakeOil OS.

Music data from Tidal [Internet] and local Netgear NAS.

Roon Control will be via a separate HTPC computer and a 75” TV in the listening room.

Control is also available by laptop and tablet.

Roon Output is from a small computer in the DEQX HDP 5.0


All connections are from the local network.



DEQX HDP 5.0 as Master and DEQX HDP 4.0 as Slave providing 5 stereo channels of speaker correction,

crossover and DSP, also room correction and of course being a DAC and a Pre-amplifier.



DEQX A250x3.

Four units, each containing 3 Hypex amplifiers. 2x 250 watts, 1x 100 watts. (2 channels spare).

These new Class D units have improved considerably from the old Ice Power style units of yesterday.

These four will be the first delivered to a customer.


If important will be Moonlight Audio Darkside [by Steven] otherwise it will be whatever he finds in the back of the shed.


These are a new pair of speakers.

Made by Steven himself they are 5 way fully active.

Drivers are from Exodus Audio, Eaton and Scan Speak.

Freshly built and veneered only a few days before the GTG.

Unfortunately Steven’s skills at tuning speakers with a DEQX are limited and with a 5 way he expects to run out of talent very quickly.

Steven persuaded Alan Langford from DEQX to fly up and deliver the amplifiers and tune the DEQX amps and speakers.

Alan Spent over 8 hours on friday testing and tuning the 10 channels of amplification and speakers.

Thank you Alan :)


There is also a second system some of you may have seen before.

Featuring PSE 144 horns from Red Spade Audio and the 18” from Acoustic Elegance, all supplied with music by the Roon system.


There is no turntable (shock, horror) or CD player in the house.

Music on a USB drive can be loaded into the system but Steven imagines he can find almost anything you might want to play, or something similar.


The weather turned grey and rainy for Stevens GTG.

But that (to me) was a bonus as it kept the temperature in the low 20's and also gave nice (overcast) shade outside.

Peter A once again doned his chefs hat and started the bbq cook up as soon as he got there.

Which worked out well as even with the early start to the day, people flocked in to sample Stevens amazing system.

So while some were inside sampling the audio delights, others were outside sampling Peters cooking delights :)

Sorry but I didn't get any photos of the cakes, deserts, or the vineyard of wine bottles ;)

I don't know how this happened, but no one brought cheesecake. Not that I saw anyway.

The room and brand new system, I have no words, so those that couldn't be there will just have to admire the photo's.

Then of course there was his second system with the PSE horns.

When (IF) Steven gets tired of those, He can sit outside and enjoy the view over his back yard.

I'm not sure how it could possibly get any better than this.

Many thanks to Steven for letting us into his home, To Peter A for cooking, And to those that were able to attend and make this a great day all round.


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