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2017 June - Hugh D-T.

A surprising number of members attended Hugh’s Sunshine Coast “darkside” (all analog) man cave given the distance from Brisbane.

We were greeted with a beautiful sunny afternoon and by what we later found out were the neighbour’s dogs.

One reminded us of Frank from “Men in Black”.

The room is dominated by the 2100 high (low WAF acceptance) electrostatic panel speakers (Graz) driven by 6 channels of valve amplification (2 active crossovers).

One’s gaze is then drawn to the battleship like construction of the turntable that Hugh constructed himself in-house, in his own machine shop.

The listening sessions were evenly divided between the classical and rock aficionados.

Floyd W did his best to “educate” me on classical music.

As for myself, I have never heard tom waits gravelly voice sound so good.

Nigel S and Wayne C kept us “entertained” during the afternoon with a constant barrage of “dad” jokes.

Nick E kindly volunteered (again) to burn the steak and sausages.

We repaired to the main houses back deck for a lovely repast.

On behalf of the QAC members I’d like to thank Hugh and his wife for an very enjoyable afternoon.

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