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2017 July - Peter and Tracey A. - Christmas in July - Annual General Meeting.


Before anything else is said.

We all say a massive Thank You to our hosts Peter and Tracey, not only for opening their magnificent home and gardens for this months event which combined our annual Christmas in July, as well as the Annual General Meeting.

But also for their time and effort in making the lashings of incredible food.

We also thank all the people that worked away in the background helping to tidy and clean all the dishes.


To business. :)


At this years AGM all the voluntary committee member positions were up for renewal.

After nominations and voting the positions have now been handed over to;

Club Secretary - Andrew H.

Club Treasurer - Alan E.

Club Web Mistress - Nigel S. (Your narrator today).

I personally would like to express my gratitude for the time and effort the previous committee members have invested in the club.

With that out of the way.

The days weather was perfect, sunny, clear skies, no wind, and of course the local wildlife flying past in all their bright colors.

The turn out was fantastic. We estimate that over 40 people showed up.

More wives, girlfriends, children, families, and new members than before. Well done all of you.

Most people seemed to gravitate to the large dining area to catch up and chat.

Some sat outside and nibbled on biscuits and cheese balls that Tracey had made. (Feel like sharing the recipe Tracey :D )

Once the kitchen benches were covered with endless trays of yummy food of all descriptions, we dutifully made an organised line to serve ourselves before heading outdoors to the tables.

There we ate, drank, chatted and laughed with each other to the backdrop of nature in its finest.

Even though we somehow managed to clean out the lunch offerings.

Most managed to find room for the scrumptious deserts that people had brought along.

Although I didn't notice any cheesecake ? someone seemed content to make do with pavlova instead ;)

Isaac practised with his quadracopter several times throughout the afternoon..

Complete with virtual head piece using the drones onboard camera.

After the food was devoured some went indoors to listen to Peters marvellous Hi Fi.

I wonder how many noticed the Massive valve amplifiers from last year were not to be seen ?

Others stayed outside in re organised groups to continue their chats.

Andrew was presented with 'The Valve'.

Some seem to share certain likeness with 'The Valve', don't you think ?


A fitting end to a perfect day. I'd like to think Phil would be proud.


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