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2017 August - Phil W

Equipment List:
The room is a dedicated Hi Fi / Home theatre with a full acoustic treatment - my dream room.
Speakers are DIY transmission line monsters that a few of you would have seen in Brisbane.
Sources are computer and oppo  95.
Preamp is a tortuga  (optical volume control).
Amps are hypex n-core.
USB /SPIDF  converter is sonicweld HD.
DAC  is the Dodson 218.
Projector is JVC DLA  X90.
Power conditioner is PS audio PSU 10.

There is also a second living room system with computer source only.

Sadly due to other commitments yours truely was unable to attend this meeting.

(I find house painting as much therapy as it is a pain. Be better when I've finished).

So I would like to express great thanks to Simon and Kylin as well as Peter and Tracey for these pics.

If any one present at the meet would like to share their thoughts of the day here,

Please feel free to send them to me (Web Mistress) for consideration and inclusion on this page.


The below contribution was submitted by Simon L. With much thanks from me.

Title: Bangalow trekking.

A lovely drive was had down to Bangalow (not the one where all those murders took place, the one in Northern NSW).

I jumped at the opportunity to drive through this gorgeous part of the world in hippy central.

Was a bit dryer than expected but still beautiful none the less.

We arrived in Bangalow at 10.30am to a warm welcome by the hosts as usual.

A beautiful house awaited and into one of the most impressive listening rooms I have experienced to date.

Yeah Phil’s an architect and so designs and builds to a very high standard (and an avid diyer “Respect”).  


The room is 8.6m x 5.6m x around 3.5m tall (great size) with walls made of filled besser bricks a hard roof and polished concrete floors. What! Didn't I just say this was the best listening room I have been in…..Yes.

Take a look at the pictures and you will see panels hanging from the ceiling to reflect the ceiling reflections elsewhere.(ceiling treatment in my opinion is an often missed point of call in treating a room but it makes a huge difference).

All around the walls you will see Phil DIY’ed (respect) some reflection/absorption panels.

They are like a shallow box about the size of an mdf sheet filled with sound absorbing material of some sort and then another sheet of some panels made of recycled plastic placed over the front (removable front panel).

Imagine the front being like mdf only fibrous and slightly spongy.

These panels were angled slightly upward so reflections go over the listeners head.

Finally a couple of bass traps in the front corners. The room had all double glazing as well.

The natural noise floor in room was extremely low.

Speakers and cables were diy jobs by Phil and had a rather large ummm… presence. (look at pics).

They’d probably fill my own room up to 80% physical volume but suited Phil’s to a tea.  

Phil also had a projector and displayed a few videos and part movie (blu-rays).

Picture quality was impressive to say the least.


Unfortunately the pizza oven wasn’t fired up as partial hand injuries were the diy order of the week (hope you heal up soon Phil), but we had some lovely steaks, salad and bread to fill our bellies.

Oh yes there was also a small amount of wine had and what seemed like some huge stockpile of it downstairs.

If there is ever an apocalypse I know where to go.


As for the sound, well all I can say is that those who experienced Phil’s system were all in agreement in that this was something extremely special.



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