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2016 July – Peter and Tracey A. - Christmas in July.

Food:  The menu was:

Roast beef in gravy

Roast chicken

Baked Ham

Roast Potato

Roast Pumpkin

Roast Carrot

Roast Sweet potato

Roast onion

Cauliflower and Broccoli au gratin

Steamed peas


Cranberry sauce

Tossed salad

Potato salad

Assorted dessert including Plum Pudding & custard.

Some extra deserts were provided by other members.


July’s QAC GTG was graciously hosted by Peter and Tracey.
This event meant more to me than the usual QAC GTG’s.
This was a ‘Christmas in July’ that was original spearheaded by our
departed friend Phil.
Personally I hope that this is a new old tradition that remains with
the club as an ongoing memorial to Phil and all he stood for.

To Phil. We miss you mate.
Phil’s Brother Geoff has let us know that Phil’s ashes have been spread in a rose garden along with those of
his parents.

I won’t comment on the Hi-Fi as that’s been done recently and I don’t
believe there were any changes from that time. Why change what works.
Plus most members spent their time outside under the superb clear
blue sunny winter sky.

Talk was that supposedly around 30+ people were coming.
Although some doubted that number being reached, a quick count as we
sat at the tables suggests there was indeed 30 or more people in
attendance. I guess it didn’t look that many when you consider the available
spaces for people to break off and have their mini discussion groups.

Your fearless webmaster had suggested a ‘silly hat’ theme in the lead up to the event.
What initially started out as a joke had turned serious in my absence.
Some of the gents did there best, but the ladies brought their A game with them and were superior.
Simon, Kylin & Isaac decided on a pair of raw oval speakers styled as headphones plugged into a portable
amp of some description built in a re purposed lolly tin. Graz retrofitted his baseball cap with some of 
the material from his ribbon speakers. Sadly we didn’t get to hear what that sounded like.
Nigel, well, he was boring and wore his white bowls hat (the first choice of Volvo drivers).
Esme had multiple colour curly pipe cleaners in the band of her hat. But their two daughters stole the show.
Lydia had an awesome black and floral ensemble.
Hayley had a sparkly silver hat with even more sparkly silver streamers.

The "prize" was intended to be a op-shop vinyl album (bad taste) - Kamahl or the likes, or a Spice Girls CD
that I had laying around. I can't see the Lydia or Hayley wanting an old Kamahal record that was originally
designated as the prize (but you never know about Graz). They might be interested in the alternative
Spice Girls CD prize (left behind by my daughter when she moved out of home many years ago.
However, Nigel had expressed an interest in it! 

Then it was time eat. Wow. Tracey’s kitchen although a decent size just had no hope with the lashing’s of 
food presented. From what I heard, the beef in gravy went really fast, with the roast veggies not far behind.
There was also cauliflower cheese, roast chicken and various salads. Each yummier than the last.
Then came the deserts, so many deserts. Some bought, some home made. So many yummy deserts.

To wrap this up, I would like to extend a hearty thank you to Peter, Tracy and all the QAC members.

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