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2016 - Mark M. - SGTG 1


Due to members being scattered in all directions over the holiday season, there was no official QAC January 2016 meeting.

Instead of the usual large meeting, we held two “mini meetings”.

These were SGT’s or Small Get Together’s.

The first of these SGTs was held at Mark M’s.

Mark had a full turnout for his SGT.

There were lots of nice nibbles etc as per usual, which kept most of his guests around the food table chatting.

This did raise the general background noise for this open plan listing area and now and then the volume on the amp got cranked up to counteract this background.

When the chatter did settle down, the little two way speakers fed with a pretty good amp and source performed really well on a lot of varying musical genres.

Congratulations to Mark for overcoming his doubts about the effectiveness of holding a meeting in a small residence.

There is no reason why other QAC members cannot come forward and do the same for future meetings, whether they be SGT’s or Music Nights.

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