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2016 January - Andrew H. - SGTG 2

Due to members being scattered in all directions over the holiday season, there was no official QAC January 2016 meeting.

Instead of the usual large meeting, we held two “mini meetings”.

These were SGT’s or Small Get Together’s.

The second of these SGT’s was held at the QAC webmaster Andrew H’s humble abode.

It was a “full house” for me.

I had seating for eleven and that’s how many guests I had.

I had to sit in my office chair, taken from my study.

We had virtually the same guests as Mark M’s meeting a week before.

We learned a valuable lesson from the first SGT to try and keep loud conversation to a minimum and/or take it outside.

But what was kept and greatly appreciated by my guests was the intimate atmosphere that a SGT creates.

We undertook a comparison of the same music played back via both digital (computer audio and compact disc) and analogue (Linn Sondek TT and Kuzma TT) sources.

The overwhelming consensus was that the playback through the Kuzma turntable was superior to the others (and so it should be, considering it’s cost).

Pink Floyd and Dire Straits were dragged out as usual.

A welcome change was a New Order vinyl record brought along by a member.

To the shock and horror to those who know me well – no Led Zeppelin was played!

I also demonstrated the (small) difference that the Fostex super-tweeter setup made to my system.

Ribbon speakers are great, but they are very directional.

In my system, the super-tweeters add a nice “fill-in” effect to the room.

I also displayed my second “bedroom” system.

To the mirth of my guests, it was pointed out to me as I removed the speaker grills that the dome tweeter of one of the Dynaudio floor-standers was pushed in !

This was discretely (and very carefully) rectified after the meeting with a vacuum cleaner.

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