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February 2016 – Brian Maddern (Decibel Hi Fi) - Turntable Workshop.


12 QAC vinyl aficionado’s attended.

Brian Maddern (Decibel HiFi) went go through the process of setting up a turntable using Mark M’s Thorens TD280 Mk11.

Brian Maddern ran through the key features of a turntable;

– Correct belt tension,

– Arm configuration,

– Cartridge positioning,

– Oil for the platen shaft and

– The dusting procedure.

Brian removed the old cartridge and showed the group how to connect the cartridge.

Then using the Dr. Feckert protractor that the club has bought

Brian walked us through the process of determining the position of the cartridge on the arm and then the angle of the cartridge.

Then using the KAB speed-strobe kit that the club has bought

Brian established the turntable speed (in this case the turntable was running slow).

We played a record and then did an A – B comparison and it was agreed that you could hear the turntable was running slow.

Brian then did some comparisons of turntable mats (felt, leather, acrylic & silicone) on a Linn Sondek LP12 turntable.

Most of the members preferred the George E Merrill Dandy rubber cork compound mat.

Some members preferred the polymer Cartridge Mans Music Mat (almost twice the price and quite thick – requiring a tonearm VTA adjustment)

Didi S (new member) brought along Marigo VTS Vibration control, which was fitted to the Linn Sondek LP12 turntable for a comparison.

Many thanks to Brian Maddern for hosting this workshop.

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