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September 2015 – Simon L (Zeus Audio) - Cable Making Workshop.

On Saturday 26th September our fearless leader Simon hosted a afternoon cable making workshop at his home at Jimboomba.

The workshop was attended by Doug, Peter, Mark and Nick.

They reported that they found the workshop very informative and they all came away from it with a very professional set of silver core interconnect cables that they assembled themselves.

Simon provided the workshop participants with a very informative paper on cable philosophy and design.

They discussed cable directionality, the pros and cons of silver versus standard solder as well as silver versus copper core cable.

Simon showed them proper soldering techniques and the different methods for stripping the cable and working with heat shrink.

They all made interconnects but the techniques they were shown could just as easily work with balanced interconnects or speaker cables.

After they completed their interconnects, the workshop participants had a lovely late lunch and then retired to the stereo room for some A-B comparisons using their handiwork.

They compared a basic, copper and finally their silver interconnects.

All the participants agreed that their were clear, audible differences between the interconnects.

The workshop participants have asked me to pass on many thanks to Simon for hosting the workshop and also for sourcing the components for their cable assemblies.

They would also like to thank Kylin for her gracious hospitality as always and for providing them all with lunch on the day.

They recommend to anyone who is interested in audio cables to attend a future Simon’s workshop, should he wish to host another one at a future date.

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