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2015 May - Kevin and Karen K.


Kevin and Karen are great hosts and always make the QAC members welcome in there lovely home.

Karen and helpers did a great job of feeding us lunch and Kevin yet again provided not one but two great sound systems to listen to.


Kevin’s Tannoy 3807 DC speakers in custom 270lt enclosures not only look fabulous but also fill the double volume room with an expanse of detailed sound you can listen to for hours.

The curved acoustic panels built behind the system not only makes this setup look professional but has done its intended job and improved the room acoustic dramatically.


The multimedia room has always had good room treatment providing a great listening environment for whatever system is in there and I think we all loved the current setup down there.


Room 1 ….   
Alphason Sonata T/T
PS Audio  DS DAC
Computer audio source
Musical Fidelity M3 int. amp
Apogee FK1 speakers – External x-overs, upgraded ribbons, wiring by Graz
JVC projector if requested for DVD

Room 2 (house) … 
Audio Research Ref. DAC
Accoustic Arts transport
Computer audio
Audio Research Ref 110 power amp
Tannoy 3807 DC speakers in custom 270lt enclosures, external x-overs by Mike Lenehan.

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