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2015 June - Steven K. - QAC AGM.


Considering the majority of club members are Brisbane and surrounding areas based the drive up to Noosa for Stevens meet shows their commitment to the club, music, equipment and their mates.

So we got about a 25+ turnout on the day and I’m sure everyone thought it worth the trip by the end of the day.

After a brief AGM, Steven took us into the listening room and gave us a detailed description of what he admits is a complicated setup but he does like a challenge!

No matter how simple or complicated an audio system is the “proof of the pudding” is in the listening! [convoluted joke].

So for a brand new setup with only 5 hours playing under its belt – everyone seemed suitably impressed with the sound.

Being a completely computer audio based system another interesting feature was the very new Roon software to control and play the ripped library and the integration with Tidal streaming services.

And, as the weather is now cooler we’ve gone back to BBQ lunches and PeterA did a great cook-up with the steaks and snags.

Source: Dual PC setup [ControlPC+AudioPC] possibly a tablet pc for remote control and a Big [ish] screen TV
The software will be Windows 8.1 and Server 2012, Audiophile Optimizer and the new and really nice ROON player program
A DEQX will be providing crossover, pre-amp and speaker correction.
Active speakers: PSE-144 Horns with Acoustic Elegance 18” Woofers and Exodus Audio Shiva X-2 Subwoofers.
These will be powered by 8 amplifiers of various sorts, exact details nearer the time.

Steven writes …

I have plans to give you all sorts of groovy equipment, but as there is only 4 weeks to go there may be some changes to the line-up, also
There should be a second system with some electrostatic speakers and….
The Audio Engine 5 speakers on the home computer and….
In the shed will be a very humble Receiver and speakers.
There are also plans to have some tube bass traps installed for the meeting.

Steven has gone completely PC audio, but please bring along your favourite CD’s as they can be quickly ripped for playback.

And, obviously your own computer audio files/tracks are welcome.

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