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2015 April - Nick E.


Nick was a bit hesitant to hold this meet but it turned into a great afternoon’s listening session and lots of socialising.

So thanks Nick – didn’t I say it’d all work well?

Nick and Matt provided salads for the lunch so we all had a good feed before getting down to the serious stuff.

Nicks collections leans more to the rock side of music that most, so that pleased some people but we still got some “Gaelic” music in and a bit of Miles Davis during the afternoon.


Amplifier – Mark Levinson No. 383 Integrated.
CD player – Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 3D C.R. with Kimber select KS 1030 interconnects
Turntable – Rega Planar 3 w/rewired arm & Rega superbelt with Clearaudio Virtuoso MM cartridge
Phono Stage – Musical Fidelity X-LP & X-PSU with Audioquest Lapis interconnects
Speakers – JM Lab Electra 915’s with Audioquest Montblanc speaker cables
System Rack – DIY granite & stainless steel.

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