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2014 March - Campbell H.


Well, March has been an illusive month but it has finally fallen to Campbell to do us proud.

The original meet At Bill. G’s was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and Jeff. I stepped in to help, only for him to have to cancel at the last minute again due to unforeseen circumstances.

Thank-you to Bill and Campbell and Jeff for their help, we got there in the end.

After weeks of trail and tribulations a small but hard band of QACer’s finally made it to the third venue of the March Meet.

Firstly thanks to JeffI for trying to rescue the original cancelled venue and except for illness in the family I’ll sure we’d have all ended up at Wynnum.

Campbell saved the day just as all was lost.

Now it was always going to be difficult fitting 20+ guys in Campbell’s apartment, so the small but loyal band that finally made it had the best opportunity to listen to this small system punching way, way above its “weight”.


Source – Nas / computer

Oppo 95 – JLTI v3

DAC –  Meitner Audio MA-1

Pre – amp – Octave 300 SE

Cables – Analysis Plus.


Triode Wire Labs

Speakers – Event Opal (active)

Speaker Stands – Concrete

Acoustics –  soft room

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