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2014 July - Jeff I.


QAC thanks to Jeff Isles for the meet on Saturday and for providing the BBQ Grill for our resident chef Peter to do lunch [provided by the club].

Jeff gave a great presentation of his system and the ideas behind his progressive upgrades.

There was a lot of different genres of music played and with such good components and great sound everyone was kept well entertained and enthralled.


Equipment: As below with the addition of some Vicoustic Diffusers and Real Trap Mega Absorbers Jeff will also have in his system for the day the following borrowed pieces of kit;
Audio Research Reference 5SE Preamp

Equipment ….Analogue Source    Turntable 1 Setup    SOTA Cosmos IV Turntable w/ Vacuum
Kuzma Stogi Reference CE Tonearm
ZYX Ayame Cartridge
Turntable 2 Setup (Currently For Sale)    SOTA Sapphire Turntable
Syrinx PU3 Tonearm
Lyra Lydian Beta Cartridge
Phono Stages    RCM Sensor Prelude (non-Furutech Version) PS Audio GCPH (on loan)
Digital Sources    Playback Design MPS-5 SACD    DAC, SACD, CD, Can stream up to 384kHz Hi-Res PCM & DSD Files
Oppo BDP-95AU    Surround SACD and BluRay Music & DVD-A
Mac Mini    Pure Music or Audirvana, Synology DS-209+ NAS
Pre-Amp    Eddie Current Balancing Act    Purchased primarily as a dedicated Headphone amp but excels as a Pre-Amp as well KR Audio PX4 Power Valves 6SN7 Input Driver Tube (various tubes)
Cross Over    Ashley XR-2001    Analogue X-Over
Amplifiers (x4 – Active; Bult-In to Gamma Speakers)    Woofer – 700W (per speaker)    9?, X-Over @ 60Hz
Mid Woofer – 350W (per speaker)    9?, X-Over @ 800Hz
X-Art Midrange – 350W    X-0ver @ 2.8kHz
X-Art Tweeter – 100W    
Speakers (26Hz – 50kHz)    Adam Tensor Gamma MkI (Active)    L&R 2Ch Front Main
Adam Tensor C9 Centre (Active)    Centre Channel
Adam Tensor Epsilons (Active)    L&R Rear
Adam Artist 5 (Active)    L&R Surrounds
Sub Woofers    JL Audio F113    2x Sub Woofers used for both 2ch Music and HT Duties I have the subs sitting on dedicated Sound Anchor Sub Woofer Stands
Cables – Audio    Audioquest – Niagara    XLR
Canare L-4E6S Star Quad    XLR
Cables – Power    Consonance Ella Baby Power Cords.

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