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2014 January - Brian M.


Source    Goldmund Studietto turntable and T5 arm + Ortofon Jubilee cartridge
Pre-amp    Ben Duncan minimalist design with external left and right power supply
Power amp    tri-amped system;

Bass – 300W DC coupled mosfet monoblocks;

Mid – 250W Elliot Sound design – mosfet output;

Treble – 100W Elliot Sound module mosfet output
Crossover    Elliot sound electronic 3 way
Speakers    Ariel Design;

Bass – [pair] 10inch Scan-speak W8565 in ported enclosure

Mid/Treble separate transmission line enclosure with Vifa 2x P13WH + Scan-speak 2905-9500.

All electronics home built.

Solid core interconnects.


People seemed to turn up a little later than usual for the first meet of the year at Brian’s but in the end we had a good turnout.

Luckily the temperature had dropped from the highs of earlier in the week so we had a comfortable afternoon.

Except for the turntable Brian has built everything himself so he had quite a bit to explain about the electronics but wisely skipped the “ultra-detail” for us non-experts.


Most types of music got played during the afternoon and I must say everything sounded “jolly” good.

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