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2014 December - Phil W.


Turntable: DIY, cartridge-Zyx airy 3, tone arm- Triplanar VII
CD Transport: CEC TLOX
DAC: Forssell MDAC 2
USB / SPDIF: Sonicweld divertor HR2 – New
Preamp: Halcro dM10
Amp: Halcro dM38 x 2
Music Server: Dual PC with audio optimiser/Jplay set up  – New
Speakers: 3 Way open Baffle very loosely based on Linkwitz Orion
Crossover: Minidsp bass / passive mid – tweeter – Better set up
Cables: DIY Ribbon  with Nino’s connectors – Lightspeed USB cable    Darkside-USB
Headphone DAC: Geekout
DeskTop DAC: Geek Pulse and Power supply – it should be here by then
Noise cancelling Headphone: Audio Technica Quiet Point, Bose Quiet Comfort

It’s become a bit of a tradition to hold the last meet of the year at Phil’s as our Christmas GTG.

A great cold meat lunch was provided and everyone thoroughly enjoyed Phil’s hospitality.
Phil must be one of our more extreme DIYers! Along with a gaggle of high end equipment other components have been built with mush love, care and quite a bit of highly technical input to product a one-off system of distinction.

Hidden deep within all that extremely dense hard wood supports are very precisely position bearing supports to help isolate everything.

Many thanks to Barry H for taking the pictures. He is the new official QAC photographer.

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